All in Small Business Spotlight

Small Business Spotlight: Sal's Scrunchies

They say trends always come back around, and as a stylist I can definitely confirm that statement! While certain trends are a bit harder to pull off, the scrunchie is so effortless, fun, and not to mention low commitment (it’s not like you’re shaving the side of your head!).

One of my best girlfriends started a handmade scrunchie business and I have to say, I’m obsessed! I already have a handful of her scrunchies (the suede and faux leather are my go to styles) and I knew I had to share the fun with you all!

Small Business Spotlight: mrly

For something a little different this Small Business Saturday I’m featuring a childrenswear brand. This brand and I have a very funny history: I was actually an intern when I first worked with the co-founders, and boy, does that make me feel both old and very lucky to have had the experience before they split off from that company to start this awesome children’s clothing line! Not only that, but my amazing boyfriend (and photographer) has also worked with them in the past, so it’s safe to say they are close to our little unit over here!

Small Business Spotlight: cuffed by nano

To continue to shine a light on small businesses I personally adore, it seemed silly not to feature a business I have the pleasure of being a brand ambassador for right now!

I have always loved small dainty jewelry and mixing metal tones and I feel like cuffed really hits both those marks for me! They offer gorgeous dainty necklaces (you can even customize their bling bar style!) and super easy to wear pieces like cuff bracelets, rings and small earrings. Most of her styles also come in multiple metal options so you can mix and match to your hearts content!

Small Business Spotlight: Handcrafted FCD

I am so excited to announce a new series here on Backseat Styling that will be spotlighting small businesses! I am very passionate about supporting local businesses and I wanted a way to highlight some of my favorites that are very near and dear to me right here on the blog so you all can enjoy them as well!

For our first small business spotlight I choose a business that is especially dear to me; Handcrafted FCD. Not only do I own and love her bags but I also used to work for her sewing them back in the day (so I can testify to the love and care that goes into each one!) .