All in My Style

Wearing it Multiple Ways: Top with Full Sleeves

I get asked a lot about how to style things multiple ways and/or how to know if something is worth the money to buy. To me, these things go hand in hand, if I can’t style it at least a few different ways it’s probably not worth my money (or yours!).

For me, this top is the epitome of something that would spark one of the above questions; its a print (already tough for some to get on board with), has trendy full sleeves (also a sticky point for some folks) and was a bit more of a splurge item for essentially a long sleeve tee shirt (Anthropologie, I love you but my wallet sometimes does not haha). Even with all that though, I love it. It brings me joy and I probably wear it at least once every two weeks.

Party Attire: Goldfish Edition!

When thinking about what would make me happiest to wear for New Years Eve, the obvious choice was something sparkly, but I was also thinking about a goal of mine for the new year as well: wearing more color. So when I walked into Zara and found this beauty I knew this was the dress.

Capsule Closet: All Hype or Useful Tool?

I know capsule closets have been a huge trend the past few years. I have toyed around with the idea of going to one full time myself, the never ending battle of "I have a million things but not one outfit to wear" gets to all of us at one point or another! 

I finally got my chance to try my hand at creating a capsule closet for real when we moved out to California. We stayed in corporate housing for the first month while we looked for our new apartment, which was great, but the caveat was that we would need to live out of our suitcases for a month before our stuff from home was delivered. I had one large suitcase in which to fit all my stuff for the whole month (and I was interviewing at the time, so work/interviewing clothes, home clothes and going out clothes were needed)